Friday, January 29, 2010

~ VeILs oF diGniTy ~

With my hijab..
I sensed a difference within myself..
I felt purified and protected..
I felt closer 2 ALLAH..

With my covering..
It is not only a sign of obedience 2 ALLAH..
also an open manifestation of my Faith..

With the hijab on..
I do not need to utter a word..
It is a clear expression of my belief,
a reminder to others that ALLAH exists,
A reminder to me of my submission to ALLAH..

My hijab prompts me,
"Be careful,you should conduct urself as a MUSLIM!"
Just like a policeman in uniform,
become more concious of his profession,
my hijab strengthens my identity as a muslim.. 

Behind the face veil..
I felt fact extremely wonderful..
as if i had become special person..
I felt like the owner of a MASTERPIECE..
who enjoyed its secret pleasure..

"A women covers herself in obedience to ALLAH for the sake of her own dignity and pride.A person blinded by prejudice may not be able to see the beauty of a woman in Hijab..-A woman who is self-confident,peaceful and dignified-not a shade or trace of oppression upon her face.-"



zenbuanime said...

smoge niat shafawati tu betul, lillahita'ala smpai bile2.
smoge pakai nye purdah itu, bkn lah kerana fesyen, bkn lah utk nmpk cantik lalu menarik perhatian mnsia lain dan bkn lah utk merase kn diri nye itu lebih baik atau superior dr org lain.
smoge niat dan perlakuan yg betul nye itu, berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat, dan bkn lah hanya swaktu muda shj, yg perlakuan itu menjadikn nye manis dipandang mata, tetapi ditanggal kn nye bile tidak lagi diminati mata yg lain,

shaiefa said...

insyaAllah..thanx a lot 4 the reminder..